Top 3 Best Hotels in “Ginzan Onsen / Yamagata Prefecture”


Ginzan Onsen(銀山温泉) is very popular for good atmosphere and traditional onsen town in Japan. The wooden traditional accomodation lining across Ginzan river built between 1920s and 1930s. The whole town is so beautiful while the gaslight on the street light up at night. We introduce top 3 hotels popular in Ginzan onsen.

Senkyo no Yado Ginzanso

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“Senkyo no Yado Ginzanso”is located nearby the entrance of Ginzan Onsen and provides the beautiful lake ahead. With a  good atmosphere of Japanese hospitality and comfortability, some guest rooms have a private open-air bath, and specially rooms with open-air sleeping bath are more popular in this hotel. You can enjoy the public open-air bath with great view and only one open-air sleeping bath in Tohoku. Also Japanese Kaiseki-style cuisine is served with the local dishes using the seasonal ingredients.

Spot Information

Name Senkyo no Yado Ginzanso(仙峡の宿 銀山荘)
Address 85 Ginzan shinhata, Obanazawa City, Yamagawa, Japan


Fujiya Inn

20150127-265-5photo by Fujiya Inn

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Fujiya Inn, established in the Edo era, was renovated in 2006 as the sophisticated Ryokan by the design of architect Mr.Kengo, Kuma. It’s relaxing and refined atmosphere decorated much of bamboo and Japanese paper inside the hotel. There are only 8 guest rooms facing the Ginzan river. You can enjoy the five different private bath (reserve time for private bathing) for 24 hours.

Spot Information

Name Fujiya Inn(旅館 藤屋)
Address 443 Ginzan shinhata, Obanazawa City, Yamagata, Japan



20150127-265-10-1photo by Takimikan

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Takimikan, located on the hillside, has the dynamic view of the waterfall. Its open-air bath is made of rocks and provides the most beautiful landscape in Ginzan Onsen. Guest rooms are quiet and relaxing, and you can enjoy the beautiful scnenery from the window by each season. Meals are Japanese Kaiseki-stylecuisine with an emphasis on local ingredients, including Yamagata beef, stream fish and their homemade Soba.

Spot Information

Name Takimikan(瀧見館)
Address 522 Ginzan shinhata, Obanazawa City, Yamagawa, Japan



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From JR “Oishida Station”(大石田駅), take a bus bound for Ginzan Onsen and exit at “Ginzan Onsen”(銀山温泉).
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