Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots in Kansai Region


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Name Kasagiyama Natural Park(笠置山自然公園)
Best Viewing Late March – Early April
Address Kasagiyama, Kasagi-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, Japan
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7. Osaka Castle Park / Osaka

20150218-287-65photo by Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Osaka Castle Park(大阪城公園) is a historic park formed around Osaka Castle built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1583. More than 3000 cherry trees such as Someiyoshino and Yamazakura are planted within the park. Especially Nishinomaru garden is a popular spot of cherry blossom viewing, and it’s a gorgeous scenery to see the cherry blossoms against a background of the castle tower.

Spot Information

Name Osaka Castle Park(大阪城公園)
Best Viewing Early April
Address OsakaJo, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
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8. Japan Mint / Osaka

20150218-287-66photo by Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

The tunnel of cherry blossoms created by roughly 120 kinds and 350 cherry trees appear only in spring from south gate to north gate of the Japan Mint. It is familiar as pathways of cherry trees yearly open to the public for one week in full bloom. A long row of cherry trees are illuminated by paper lanterns in the evening, creating a fantastic scenery all around.

Spot Information

Name Japan Mint(造幣局)
Best Viewing Mid-April
Address 1-1-79 Tenma, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
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9. Expo ’70 Commemorative Park / Osaka

20150218-287-67photo by wiki/Kumamushi

Expo ’70 Commemorative Park(万博公園) has established at the site of Japan World Exposition held in 1970 and approximately 260ha of vast site of the park consists of five areas, which are the Japanese Garden, the Natural and Cultural Gardens, cultural institution area, sports and recreation area, and parking area. Roughly 5500 cherry trees, mainly Someiyoshino, are planted throughout the park. The tower of the sun, the symbol of the park, will loom out of an abundant cherry blossoms, creating a magical atmosphere throughout the area. Visitors can enjoy beautifully illuminated cherry blossoms at night during the festival.

Spot Information

Name Expo ’70 Commemorative Park(万博公園)
Best Viewing Late March – Mid-April
Address Senri Banpaku-koen, Suita City, Osaka, Japan
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10. Himeji Castle / Hyogo

20160201-635-1photo by Himeji City

Himeji Castle(姫路城), a Japan’s national treasure, is over 400 years old and designed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993 . There are totally 1000 of Someiyoshino, Yamazakura, Shidarezakura trees planted in the elegant castle known as “White Heron Castle”. A beauty of cherry blossoms are in harmony with the solemn dignity appearance of the castle in full bloom. There are many spots of cherry blossoms within the castle such as Sannomaru, Nishinomaru Garden, Sangokuhori (moat), and Hishino Gate, highly attracting many visitors every spring.

Spot Information

Name Himeji Castle(姫路城)
Best Viewing Early April – Mid-April
Address 68 Hon-machi, Himeji City, Hyogo, Japan
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11. Akashi Park / Hyogo

20150218-287-69photo by wiki/Kumamushi

Akashi Park(明石公園) has established at the site of Akashi Castle Ruins, and there are sports facilities, public squares, and public library as well as castle remains including turrets, moats, and stone walls on the site of the 550,000 square meters. About 1000 cherry trees surrounding the moat are simultaneously in full bloom in spring, creating a spectacular and overwhelming view attracting many visitors every year.

Spot Information

Name Akashi Park(明石公園)
Best Viewing Late March – Early April
Address 1-27 Akashi-koen, Akashi City, Hyogo, Japan
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12. Shukugawa Park / Hyogo

20150218-287-70photo by wiki/Yasu

Shukugawa Park(夙川公園) is a narrow and long park about 4km of total length established along the Shukugawa river. A long row of cherry trees stretches over 3km from Rinko road to North Shukugawa Bridge. Totally 1700 cherry trees will create the tunnel of cherry blossoms in spring, and the park will be crowed with blossom viwers.

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