This is the original landscape of Japan! Ouchi-juku is the old post town remaining the townscape of Edo period.


Popular food in Ouchi-juku is “Negi (Green onion) Soba”

“Negi (Green onion) Soba” is the must eat food  when you visit Ouchi-juku.

20151207-577-19photo by Fukushima Prefecture Tourism Association

“Negi (Green onion) Soba” is very unique in that you eat using green onion instead of chopsticks. The spicy taste of green onion and Japanese radish (Daikon) and flavor of Soba are mixed up in your mouth and you enjoy the special taste of soba. Negi (Green onion) Soba is so popular as local food in Ouchi-juku that some tourists come here to eat it.

20151207-577-13photo by Fukushima Prefecture Tourism Association

Ouchi-juku is a beautiful place as if time seemingly stopped 350 years ago. Why don’t you visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the old times of Japan?

Spot Information

Name Ouchi-juku(大内宿)
Address Yamamoto, Ouchi, Shimogo-machi, Minami Aizu-gun, Fukushima, Japan



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About 10 minutes by car from Aizu Line “Yunokami Onsen station”
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