You feel like time travel back to Edo period! “Tsumago-juku”



“Tsumago-juku”(妻籠宿), located on Nagiso-chou, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture, is fourty-second of the sixty-nine post towns on the Nakasendo Road connected from Tokyo to Kyoto. This is one of the historical sites which you feel like time travel back to Edo period.

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It was developed and flourished as a traffic district making use of geographical advantage which was an important point for traffic in which Nakasendo Road and Iida Kaido Road crossed with each other.

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After the Edo period ended, “Tsumago-juku” was remarkably declined due to the development of railway and highway. However, the appearance of traditional houses and street in Edo era was reconsidered as important historic sites and the town had started an effort to preserve it since late 1960s. The government designated it as a Nationally-designated Architectural Preservation Site in 1976.

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The appearance of the street remains intact in Edo period

The street, still retains row of houses in Edo period, is about 700 meters long. You feel like you travel to the post-town 400 years ago.Many of row houses in the resistered district are both being preserved and utilized as shops, hotels, and restaurant.

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This is the Tsumago-juku Honjin which was the main inn for noble people such as Daimyo restored in April, 1995.

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This is Kumagayake, a part of houses in a row, built in the early 19th century.

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Wakihonjin-Okuya, owned by Hayashi family for generations, is now opened to the public as a museum of historical resources.

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Kamisagaya, designated as tangible cultural properties by the town, which was common inn built in the middle of 18th century.

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Tsumago-juku is a beautiful place to visit preserved by entire town. How about visiting the old post-town once where Samurai stayed 400 years ago?

Spot Information

Name Tsumago-juku(妻籠宿)
Address Azuma, Nagiso-chou, Kiso-gun, Nagano, Japan



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From JR “Nagiso Station”(南木曽駅), take the Ontake bus and get off at “Tsumago”(妻籠)
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