[Japan] Mishaka Pond provides a breathtaking beauty for every season.


Japan’s most beautiful pond “Mishaka Pond”

Mishaka Pond(御射鹿池) is in the Yatsugatake-Chushin Kogen Quasi- National Park extending across Nagano and Yamanashi Prefecture. It was built as an agricultural irrigation pond in 1933 to improve agricultural products in this region over 1100m above sea level where had been sufferred from the cold weather damage for a long time. The surface of the Mishaka pond is like a mirror reflecting woods at the edge of the pond, which creates a marvelous and fantastical scenery. Its beauty is very impressive! This place was used for a subject of landscape by Kaii Higashiyama, a famous Japanese-style painter, as well as a location of TV commercials.

20141027-171-1photo by flickr/veroyama

A Stunning view for each season is seemingly a picture

Mishaka Pond changes its beauty each of the four season. You feel as if you stare at a beautiful picture and get drawn to its wonderful attraction. As the new green leaves are gradually changing to the deep green leaves from spring to summer, the pond is enveloped in the green magical atmosphere.

20151116-555-9photo by Chino City Tourism Association

20151116-555-10photo by Chino City Tourism Association

20151116-555-7photo by Chino City Tourism Association

Autumn leaves changing the color from gold to red relect the surface of the pond in autumn season. Its superb view is beyond description.

20151116-555-1photo by Chino City Tourism Association

20151116-555-5photo by Chino City Tourism Association

20151116-555-3photo by Chino City Tourism Association

The pond partially freezes over and everything is covered with snow as far as the eye could see in winter. The snowscape all around the pond seems like a ink-painting and increase its beauty.

20151116-555-11photo by Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association

20151116-555-4photo by Chino City Tourism Association

Mishaka pond is one of the most marvelous prospects in Japan, and you will enjoy the different beautiful sceneries every time you visit there.

Spot Information

Name Mishaka Pond(御射鹿池)
Address Okutateshina, Toyohira, Chino City, Nagano, Japan
Website http://www.tateshinakougen.gr.jp



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