Higashi-hennazaki Cape. One of the 100 best sceneries in Japan! A cape facing the cobert blue sea “Higashi-hennazaki Cape”


Higashi-hennazaki Cape

Higashi-hennazaki Cape(東平安名崎), located at the southeasternmost of Miyako island of Okinawa Prefecture, is a cape stuck out into the cobelt blue sea.

20150810-461-2photo by Miyakojima Tourism Association

This cape is approximately 2km long, 160km of width at a maximum, and 20m of height lying between Pacific Ocean and East China Sea. This spot with a stunnig blue background of the ocean is selected one of the 100 urban parks in Japan. The panorama view from the Higashi-hennazaki Cape is amazing!

20150810-461-4photo by wiki

20150810-461-8photo by OCVB

White lighthouse stands at the tip of the cape

Hennasaki lighthouse is situated at the tip of the cape, which stands 24.5m high from ground level and 43m above sea level. The lighthouse is open for visitors only 150 yen of entrance fee, so it’s better to climb up to the top when you visit there. You will enjoy amazing 360-degree view from the tower.

20150810-461-7photo by OCVB

20150810-461-3photo by wiki

The walking trail is a field of flowers

There is a walking trail from the parking to the lighthouse, and visitors enjoy seasonal flowers walking the path.  White Easter lily (Teppo yuri) in spring and yellow or orange colored Gaillardia (Tenningiku) in summer will bloom beautifully everywhere.

20150810-461-6photo by OCVB

20150810-461-1photo by Miyakojima Tourism Association

20150810-461-5©flickr/Hiroaki Kaneko

A cape shooting out into the cobert blu sea and a spectacular view from there… There are a plenty of scenic spots in Miyakojima, but we recommend to see the amazing view from this cape!

Spot Information

Name Higashi-hennazaki Cape(東平安名崎)
Address Bebora, Gusuku cho, Miyako City, Okinawa, Japan
Website http://en.okinawastory.jp



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Approximately 40 minutes from Hirara Port by Car
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