The pond seems as if it’s a picture! “Nameless pond” in Gifu is stunningly beautiful…!


“Nameless pond” in Gifu

“Nameless pond”(名もなき池) is a small pond by the approach to Nemichi shrine where is located in the mountainous region of Gifu Prefecture. The pond has no name as called a nameless pond, but this nameless pond is so beautiful that it has attracted more and more attention.

20151222-592-1-550x336photo by Itadori Riverside Tourist Association

Picturesque scenery

You will see the spring water is clear and transparent and Nishikigoi (golden carps) are swimming around between watergrasses. Its beauty is really fantastic and often compared to a picutre.

20151222-592-3photo by facebook/Seki City

20151222-592-9photo by flickr/sk virtual

This marvelous scenery reminds of “Water Lilies” which was oil paintings depicted by French Impressionist Claude Monet, so that some people caill it “the pond of Monet”.

20151222-592-8photo by wiki  

Since the transparency of the pond is remarkably high, the Nishikigoi (golden corps) swimming around between waterweeds seems as if they fly in the sky.

20151222-592-5photo by Seki City

20151222-592-6photo by Seki City

Autunm leaves, bright blue water, and colorful floating grasses. It’s seemingly color-rich gorgeous paintings.

20151222-592-4photo by Seki City

You will enjoy various amaging scenery of Nameless pond for each season.  It’s a beautiful place to visit once in a lifetime.

Spot Information

Name Nameless pond(名もなき池)
Address 448 Itadori, Seki City, Gifu, Japan



en-map-icon0   Route1
4 minute walk from “Shiratanikannon-mae”(白谷観音前) bus stop from “Meitetsu Gifu” Station(名鉄岐阜駅)
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