It’s a beautiful place like Heaven! “Yurigahama Beach” in Yoron Island


Yoron Island is called as “The Pearl of the Orient”

Yoron Island(ヨロン島) is a small tropical island, approximately 23km in circumference, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. It is located on the southernmost of Amami Islands of Kagoshima Prefecture, about 25km northeast of Okinawa mainland.


Yoron Island is a beautiful Island surrounded by transparent and cobalt blue sea and exotic coral reefs, so that it is also called as The Pearl of the Orient. Okaneku Beach, about 2km of the pure white sand beach, is the biggest beach in Yoron Island and it’s the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling and marine sports.



Phantasmal beach “Yurigahama Beach”

Yoron Island is a tropical beach paradise, and you will find a variety of amazing scenery and silky beaches here.  But the best place we recommend is “Yurigahama Beach”(百合ヶ浜).



“Yurigahama Beach” is white sandbar that only appears during low tide in the spring tide from spring to summer. It appears about 1.5km off shore from the Okaneku beach, but the size, shape, and location of the beach vary from day to day. Also, it disappears under water when the tide begins to rise. That’s why Yurigahama beach is called as phantasmal beach.



You will find the glittering crystal clear water and artistic sandbar.  It’s a breathtaking scenery!



Tradition has it that you will be happy if you gather star-shaped sands the same number as your age. So why don’t you give it a try when you get there!



This is the video of Yurigahama beach prodived by Kagoshima prefecture. You will see the true beauty of Yurigahama beach.

Yurigahama Beach is exceptionally dreamy place like heaven. There are many beautiful view spots and stunning turquoise blue waters other than Yurigahama beach. It takes about 30 minutes by car, or 4 hours by bike to go around the Island. So why don’t you take some time to explore this Island?

All photo by Town Yoron

Spot Information

Name Yurigahama Beach(百合ヶ浜)
Address offshore Okaneku beach, Yoron-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima, Japan



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About 40 minutes’ flight from Okinawa airport or 70 minutes’ flight from Kagoshima airport.
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