Kamui Cape – A cape dynamically pushing out into the open sea at the tip of Shakotan Peninsula.


Kamui Cape

Kamui Cape(神威岬) is situated at the northwest of Shakotan Peninsula, which is a part of Niseko‐Shakotan‐Otarukaigan Quasi‐national Park. It’s  a popular tourist attraction to feel the dynamic nature of Hokkaido.

20150607-385-9photo by flickr/Eddy Chang

20150607-385-1photo by flickr/Kazuya Yokoyama

What Kamui Cape made so popular is a spectacular view looking over from the cape dynamically shooting out into the open sea. There is a trail to reach the tip of the cape from the parking, what is called “a path of Charenka”.  You will see a great view of the blue ocean walking throught the path.

20150607-385-2photo by flickr/Mitch Huang

20150607-385-7photo by flickr/Eddy Chang

A vast expanse of sea ahead of the cape

You can delight the magnificent view of the Sea of Japan and untouched natural landscape. You can look out over 300-degree view from the path, so that you are able to scan seemingly a little bit rounded horizon.

20150607-385-12photo by Shakotan Tourism Association

When you look down the coast from the tip of the cape, you will find a big rock called “Kamui Rock”. That rock is said to an embodiment of a girl standing under the crystal clear water.

20150607-385-11photo by Shakotan Tourism Association

A clear and turquoise water is called “Shakotan Blue”. Its clarity and beauty is amazing!

20150607-385-8photo by flickr/Eddy Chang

20150607-385-10photo by Shakotan Tourism Association

There are many tourist attractions in Shakotan-cho such as a beautiful sunset of Ogon Cape and distict clear water of Shimamui Beach. We recommend you one stretch of a journey to see this superb views!

Spot Information

Name Kamui Cape (神威岬)
Address Kouzaki-cho, Shakotan-gun, Shakotan-cho, Hokkaido, Japan
Website http://www.kanko-shakotan.jp


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Approximately 45 minutes from Yoichi Station (JR line) by bus
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