Here is Castle in the sky!! “Echizen Ono Castle” is marvelous scenery but rarely seen.


Echizen Ono Castle

Echizen Ono Castle(越前大野城) is located on the Mt.Kameyama, which is 249m above sea level, in northwest of Ono City, Fukui Prefecture. It had been built by Nagachika Kanamori around 1575 over 5 years and it’s now a symbol of Ono City.

20150625-416-5photo by Fukui Prefectural Tourist Association

20150625-416-6photo by Fukui Prefectural Tourist Association

Castle in the sky floating the sea of clouds

What made it instantly popular nationwide was a castle seemingly floating the sea of clouds. This region around the Ono Castle is covered by the sea clouds from autumn to spring, so that it seems as if it is floating in the sky.

20150625-416-4photo by Ono City

Takeda Castle Ruins, located in Asaki City, Hyogo, is famous for “Castle in the sky” which is often called Japanese Machu Picchu. However, Echizen Ono Castle is equally beautiful and attractive and it’s one of must-see sights!

20150625-416-1photo by Ono City

It’s castle in the sky glowing at sunrise.

20150625-416-2photo by Ono City

Echizen Ono Castle is illuminated at night floating in the fog.

20150625-416-3photo by Ono City

Conditions to see the castle floaring the sea of clouds

It might be altered depending on weather conditions, but the conditions to see the castle floaring the sea of clouds are as follows;

  • Season: From October to the end of April. It’s most likely to appear in November.
  • Time: From dawn to 9:00
  • Conditions: Difference between morning temperature and daytime temperature of previous day is large, Light wind, and High humidity

20150625-416-7photo by Ono City

Since it’s unlikely to meet all weather conditions, it was appeared 9 times in 2013 and 12 times in 2014. Although the castle in the sky is appeared around 10 times a year, it’s definitely to see this stunning view once in a lifetime.

Spot Information

Name Echizen Ono Castle(越前大野城)
Address 3-109 Shiromachi, Ono-shi, Fukui, Japan
Hours (Apr – Sep) 9:00-17:00 / (Oct- Nov) 9:00-16:00
Closed December 1 to March 31
Fees General: 200 yen / Under Junior High School Students: Free



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30 minute walk from JR Echizen Ono station.
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