Castle in the sky floating the sea of clouds! Takeda Castle Ruins is known as “Japanese Machu Picchu”


Takeda Castle Ruins

Takeda Castle Ruins(竹田城跡), located in Asaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, is ruins of mountain castle built on the top of Mr.Kojyoyama, which is 353m above sea level. Stonewalls of the castle remain approximately 100 meters from east to west and 400 meters from north to south. This is rare ruins existing in complete condition in Japan.

20140921-133-4©Toshihisa Yoshida

Castle in the sky floating the sea of clouds

On sunny mornings from autumn to winter Takeda Castle Ruins is frequently covered by the floating the sea of clouds, so that it is often called “sky in the castle” or “Japanese Machu Picchu”.

20140921-133-8©Toshihisa Yoshida

It’s really fantastic and magnificent scenery!

20140921-133-7©Toshihisa Yoshida

This is Takeda Castle Ruins in autumnal colors of the leaves.

20140921-133-3©Toshihisa Yoshida

Takeda Ruins covered by the snow is floating in the sea of clouds. It’s breathtaking beauty!

20140921-133-5©Toshihisa Yoshida

Takeda Castle Ruins glowed by sunrise is also very impressive!

20140921-133-6©Toshihisa Yoshida

Conditions to see the castle floaring the sea of clouds

It might be altered depending on weather conditions, but the conditions to see “Japanese Machu Picchu” are as follows;

  • Season: Most likely appear From September to November. (It’s likely to appear till the end of Febraury.)
  • Time: From dawn to 8:00
  • Conditions: Clear sky, difference between morning temperature and daytime temperature of previous day is large, and light wind.

When you go to see the castle in the sky, it’s better to prepare the flashlight, rain coat, and protections against cold!

20140921-133-2©Toshihisa Yoshida

Why don’t you visit “Japanese Machu Picchu” and enjoy this fantastic scenery?

Spot Information

Name Takeda Castle Ruins(竹田城跡)
Address 363 Takeda, Wadayamacho, Asago City, Hyogo, Japan
Hours (Sep 21 – Dec 10) 3:00-16:00 / (Mar 20- Sep 20) 9:00-16:00
Closed Mid-December to Mid-March
Fees General: 500 yen / Under Junior High School Students: Free



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Get off at JR Takeda Station and take the mountain road by the south.
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